Recognizing Ann Berry

Floor Speech

Date: May 24, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PANETTA. Mr. Speaker, I recognize Ann Berry, who, for the past 44 years, affected the lives of students, teachers, and families in the Carmel Unified School District.

This month, Ms. Berry is retiring as Carmel High School's attendance secretary, where she ensured that students not only attended school but enjoyed school.

She started in 1979 as a parent who showed up to ensure that her daughter wasn't skipping class. She did such a good job in that role that Carmel High School hired her to keep other students in school.

It was a vocation for Ms. Berry that affected thousands of other Padres, including my two older brothers, myself, and now my two daughters, who attend Carmel High School.

Through her work, our community relied on Ms. Berry as a cop for keeping kids in class, as a comedian for keeping kids happy, as a counselor well aware of teen mental health concerns, as a coach for common sense, and as a supporter of Padre athletic and academic success.

For four decades, Ms. Berry was that dependable school administrator. She was that voice of reason for parents, and she is that trusted adult for teenagers.

As one of her students and now as her Congressman, I thank and congratulate Ms. Ann Berry for her service, for her support, and for being that solid cornerstone of the Carmel High community.