Debt Ceiling Crisis

Floor Speech

Date: May 25, 2023
Location: Washington, DC


Mr. NEGUSE. Mr. Speaker, I rise with 80 of my Democratic colleagues to demand that Republicans do their job, do the right thing, and pay America's bills.

My colleagues on this side of the aisle are here to do the people's business.

Where are Republicans? They have rushed out of town as America speeds toward economic catastrophe. Why? It is because they know they have forced a dangerous and false choice on the American people to either impose draconian and cruel cuts that will hurt American families, America's veterans, and American seniors or a devastating and catastrophic default.

Mr. Speaker, this is an unacceptable choice. It is time for House Republicans to get serious.

House Democrats are here united, just as we were at the beginning of this year and just as we will be throughout this legislative Congress to do the people's business.

It is time for Republicans to do the same.