Warren, Grassley, Casey, Lawmakers Call for Greater Transparency in Nursing Home Ownership to Hold Bad Actors Accountable and Keep Patients Safe

Press Release

Date: May 18, 2023
Location: Washington, DC

"While we appreciate CMS taking steps to implement this long overdue rule, which establishes requirements for the disclosure of information about the owners and operators of Medicare skilled nursing facilities and Medicaid nursing facilities, we believe that certain provisions of the proposed rule could be strengthened for the benefit of patients. Specifically, we urge you to clarify ownership definitions, establish strong auditing and enforcement measures, and ensure that comprehensive reporting information is made available to the public in an easily searchable format.


Increased transparency will empower older adults, their families, researchers, and health care providers to identify nursing homes that provide excellent care, while at the same time hold bad actors accountable. To prevent nursing home owners from prioritizing profits over patients, these data will give CMS the tools to identify waste, fraud, and abuse of federal Medicare and Medicaid dollars."