Condemning Antisemitism on University Campuses and the Testimony of University Presidents in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce

Floor Speech

Date: Dec. 14, 2023
Location: Washington, DC
Keyword Search: H Res 927


Ms. LOFGREN. Mr. Speaker, I am deeply concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism on campuses. We must do all we can to put an end to this disturbing trend. Yet, Rep. Stefanik's Resolution, H. Res. 927, which I voted against, does not do that.

The University presidents' responses at the House Education and the Workforce Committee hearing on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, were wholly inadequate and failed to make clear that the genocidal statements they were asked about were unacceptable and must be unequivocally condemned. Despite that, Congress is not a hiring and firing authority for private educational institutions. The Resolution is a cynical political ploy by a Member of Congress who lacks the moral authority to take a stance on this issue for a myriad of reasons.

Rep. Stefanik is a supporter of known White Supremacists and their disgusting political ideologies. She is an avid supporter and endorser of ex-President Trump, who publicly described White Supremacists chanting ``Jews will not replace us'' as ``very fine people on both sides,'' who uses anti-Semitic tropes in campaign materials, and hosts holocaust revisionists at his home, including Nick Fuentes. Rep. Stefanik herself has echoed the messages of the ``Great Replacement Theory,'' a far-right, racist conspiracy theory that inspired the perpetrators of Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue massacre, among others.

Instead of taking concrete actions to stop the tragic rise of anti- Semitism on college campuses, this very serious issue is being politicized by the Majority. We all should vocally oppose anti-Semitism but this resolution is not genuine. I will not be a part of an over- reaching political ruse. I will, instead, support appropriate and actionable measures in Congress.