Emerson Says "I Do" to Federal Marriage Amendment

Emerson Says "I Do" to Federal Marriage Amendment

U.S. Representative Jo Ann Emerson (MO-08) today voted for the Marriage Protection Amendment, H.J.Res. 88. Though the amendment received a majority of the votes cast, 236-187, it did not garner the two-thirds majority needed for passage.

"Protecting the definition of marriage is an important part of preserving the institution. This is a serious issue that speaks to the very fabric of who we are as Americans and how we view the family. Forty-five states have passed measures to protect the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. It is unfortunate that this measure did not obtain the necessary support to move forward in the process, but we have sent a strong message from the U.S. House of Representatives which I hope will resonate with the American people. Our institutions and our values are important and they should not be forced to conform to the issues of the day," Emerson said.

Emerson is a cosponsor of the legislation, which was offered be U.S. Rep. Marylin Musgrave of Colorado.