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The Environment and Energy Independence

The Environment and Energy Independence

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Protecting Our Environment

We have a priceless gift in the natural beauty of Southern Arizona, with our desert, mountains and incredible vistas. This beauty, one of our most valuable resources in Arizona, requires that we find a way to balance our fast growth in population with conservation and open space needs. We can enjoy strong economic growth and protect our natural heritage and our good-paying jobs at the same time. I believe that this is possible if we work in cooperation at the local, state and federal levels.

For our children and grandchildren to enjoy this beautiful state, I propose the following policies:

* continue to support our nationally recognized Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.
* protect our only free-flowing river in Arizona, the San Pedro River, with continued funding and federal support for the Upper San Pedro Partnership.
* restore true clean air and water policies, and provide incentives for people to conserve our natural resources and use them wisely.
* oppose administration efforts to weaken the Endangered Species Act.
* protect our fragile water resources by upgrading U.S. sewer systems, and prevent pollution of our natural water networks of streams, wetlands and groundwater aquifers.

I am proud to have been born and raised in a region with such wonderful wilderness resources and I believe that all of Arizona will be served by protecting these treasures.
Achieving Energy Independence with Renewable Energy

Our dependence on oil is hurting our economy, decimating our auto industry, and costing us millions of jobs. The oil we import is jeopardizing our national security by keeping us tied to the world's most dangerous and unstable regimes.

And when it comes to climate change, or global warming, it's the fossil fuels we insist on burning - particularly oil and coal - that are the single greatest cause of global warming and the damaging weather patterns that have been its result. Weaning ourselves off of Mideast oil and moving towards energy independence makes sense for our economy, our national security, and our environment.

My plan for energy independence and environmental protection includes:

* a goal of 25% renewable energy consumption by 2025.
* increasing Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for our vehicles. Increasing fuel efficiency will save drivers money at the pump, lessen our dependency on foreign oil and reduce the air pollution and greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.
* increasing and extending federal tax credits for homeowners and business owners who purchase and install solar panels on their homes and businesses. This solution is particularly relevant to Southern Arizona, where our 350 days of sunshine per year can provide a permanent, non-polluting energy source for our families.
* encouraging the development of other renewable energy sources like ethanol, biomass, and wind.
* creating new high-paying jobs here in Arizona with this increased research and development for alternative fuels, especially supporting the solar industry.
* a new national commitment to addressing the issue of global warming.

We need to move towards energy independence both for our national security and for the safety of our planet.

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