King Seeks to Block Pelosi Travel to Terrorist States

Press Release

Date: June 21, 2007
Location: Washington, DC

King Seeks to Block Pelosi Travel to Terrorist States

Congressman Steve King reacted to a statement from the office of the Speaker, saying, "The Speaker of the House is not the President of the United States. Nancy Pelosi does not represent the Administration. In fact, her policy positions seek to contravene the foreign policy of the United States."

"Nancy Pelosi, by defying the specific request of the administration to refrain from traveling to Syria, blatantly infringed upon the Constitutional duties of the President. Additionally, I believe her trip was the most blatant violation of the Logan Act by a top elected official in the history of our country."

The Logan Act specifically prohibits any American citizen, who does not act as an agent of the President, from carrying on any foreign policy communications with foreign governments.

"It is not my point that she botched a message that she carried from Israel to President Assad of Syria, a state sponsor of terrorism. But this miscommunication highlights why our Founding Fathers granted exclusive Constitutional foreign policy authority to the President- so that, amongst other reasons, there would be no miscommunication and so that the United States would speak with one voice," King continued.

"Nancy Pelosi thinks it's her job to conduct foreign policy in defiance of the President. She is wrong on the Constitution and wrong on the law."

King's amendment prohibits taxpayer funds from being used to support the Speaker of the House traveling to, or from, any state sponsor of terrorism, which includes Syria, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and the Sudan.