Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Rep. Frelinghuysen visits local children in elementary, middle and high schools each week as well as local colleges and universities. He believes the primary responsibility for educating our children lies closest to the home - in the hands of local school boards, teachers and, most of all, parents. In addition to talking with students about his roles and responsibilities in the House of Representatives, the Congressman also participates in "Read Across America" and the "Valentines for Veterans" project.

To give our children a brighter future, the federal government - under the No Child Left Behind law - must work closely with our state and local education officials to reach the goal of providing every child with a quality education while holding schools, teachers and students to higher standards.

For America to play a leading role and compete in the global economy, the Congressman believes we must aggressively improve the quality of education in America. That is why he supports the "American Competitiveness Initiative," which will provide a stronger focus on mathematics and science in the classroom and more research opportunities at our state's technical schools and world class higher-education facilities.

Frelinghuysen also visits many of the colleges and universities in our area. The Congressman supports continued investments in higher education and increased math and science skills, which are revolutionizing our state's economy. They are helping to make New Jersey the center for the research and development of better technology and revolutionary pharmaceutical medicine, manufacturing, computing, construction and telecommunications.

In New Jersey, the Congressman continues to fight for other education needs, including special education funding, Head Start, and Title I programs. Additionally, Frelinghuysen led the fight and secured a victory for the first federally funded school choice program in Washington, DC.