Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

Energy Policy

As a oil prices continue to rise, coupled with the harsh winter of 2003-2003, Congressman Chaka Fattah hopes that 108th Congress makes tackling some of our nation's major energy challenges a main priority.

Renewable Energy

Congressman Fattah is in favor of the development of alternative energy programs, like renewable energy. He wants less reliance on traditional energy providers that tend to exploit homeowners and manipulate the market. Congressman Fattah is in favor of exploring how renewable energy can help the consumer as well as the environment.

Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE)

Congressman Fattah is supportive of raising CAFE standards, as it will lead to greater fuel efficiency, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and overall improvements in the quality in our air and environment. On December 16, 2002, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a notice of proposed rulemaking to boost the CAFE of light-duty trucks by 1.5 mpg by 2007. This may lessen the likelihood that CAFE will be included in any omnibus energy legislation introduced in the 108th Congress. However, it is also possible that some policymakers may want to press for a comparable increase in passenger automobile fuel economy, a position that Congressman Fattah also advocates.

ANWR Drilling

Congressman Fattah is not supportive of drilling in the ANWR. He is an active supporter of many efforts to preserve the environment. Specifically, Congressman Fattah believes that protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is extremely important. With so much of our nation's land and so many natural resources being destroyed by development, we must use care in making decisions that could threaten natural habitats. The drilling of oil in Alaska will not solve our energy problems. Therefore, we must look for alternatives to drilling in our pristine wilderness.