The Anti-Hypocrisy Mission Statement

Words many of us live by, as we are all humans and place ourselves not above "the human condition" - that being one of imperfection, impurities, inadequacies and inequities. But there are some who are no better than we are (because they are still, mere humans), who place themselves on a very faulty, shaky, and thinly-veiled, pedestal.

Perhaps they believe that they are as high above the ground as they think that they are. Another more discernable possibility is: That they do indeed realize that they too, walk with two feet on the ground, just like the rest of us poor 'ole humans. If the latter is the case, then the question that begs so loudly for an answer is: WHO THE HECK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE and WHY IS ONE OF THEIR PRIMARY GOALS IN THIS WALK OF LIFE TO BELITTLE, DESTROY, PUMMEL, MOCK, BERATE and HUMILIATE OTHER HUMANS, WHEN THEY THEMSELVES KNOW IN THEIR HEART'S, THAT THEIR HEART'S ARE MADE OF SLUSHY HYPOCRISY?

They would continue to make the rest of us feel like slush, if it were not for the anti-hypocrisy movement, and that's us - - YOU and I—dedicated to brightening the dark path so society can be enlightened as to where the slushy, wiggly, HYPOCRITES walk. Those who oppose hypocrisy, UNITE, because we have what you've been looking and searching for!!!

A party has been formed to support any, and all of you who expose and oppose - - THE HYPOCRITE. Speak loudly against those who've put themselves in roles of leadership, power, or influence who "talk the talk," but don't "walk the walk." Or those who've walked a crooked path and waddled in its puddles, only now only to chastise you and me. WE ARE THE PARTY OF THE PEOPLE, THE TRUE PILLARS OF HUMANITY.