Mack Announces Creation of Health Care Roundtable Group

Press Release

Date: Feb. 12, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

Mack Announces Creation of Health Care Roundtable Group

Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) today announced that nine doctors and health care professionals in Southwest Florida will serve on a roundtable that Mack created to discuss health care issues. Mack plans to meet with this roundtable group several times a year.

The initial members of Mack's health care roundtable group include:

• Daniel E. Dosoretz, MD, 21st Century Oncology, Inc.
• Sally Jackson, System Director, Community Projects, Lee Memorial Health System
• David M. Klein, MD, Ophthalmologist
• Edward A. Morton, MBA, Principal & Managing Director, Wasmer, Schroeder & Co., Inc.; former Chief Executive Officer of NCH Healthcare System
• James R. Nathan, Chief Executive Officer, Lee Memorial Health System
• Rick Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Richard L. Scott Investments; founder of Columbia Hospital Corporation
• David M. Spellberg, MD, Naples Urology Associates
• Allen S. Weiss, MD, President & CEO, NCH Healthcare System
• Steven R. West, MD, Cardiology Consultants of Southwest Florida

Mack said:

"One of the biggest issues facing our nation is how we can make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. While the quality of our health care system is unsurpassed, we need to enact sensible, effective market-based solutions to help increase access and lower costs for everyone.

"I'm delighted to have these individuals come together to join me in discussing ways to make our nation's health care system more affordable and accessible for all Americans. I look forward to a vigorous discussion of these issues."

The group will meet for the first time on Tuesday, February 19th and will hold a media availability after the discussion.

Last month, Mack met with his infrastructure roundtable group and discussed the federal gas tax and other transportation issues in Southwest Florida. Mack is in the process of establishing similar groups on a number of other issues.