Michael Livingston Announces Candidacy for Congress

Press Release

Date: Feb. 12, 2008
Location: Cheltenham, PA

Prof. Michael A. Livingston, of 109 Wetherill Road, Cheltenham PA, today announced his candidacy for United States Congress in the Second District. Livingston, a Republican, will oppose the incumbent Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.) in the November election.

In announcing his candidacy, Livingston, a nationally recognized expert on taxation and fiscal policy, emphasized the differences between his approach and that of his likely opponent. "At a national level and in Philadelphia, the past year has seen an electorate increasingly dissatisfied with politics as usual and hungry for new solutions . Chaka Fattah, a lifelong politician and one of the most partisan members of Congress, is increasingly out of touch with this new mood. As a professional educator and nonpartisan policy expert, I will seek practical solutions to problems and bring Philadelphia the quality of representation that its people deserve."
As examples of Cong. Fattah's extreme partisanship, Livingston cited his support for an unconditional withdrawal from Iraq; his proposal of a poorly thought-out "transaction" fee as a replacement for the income tax; and his association with the cause of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a convicted police killer. "It is astonishing that an elected official would take up the cause of a convicted cop-killer but be unwilling to support our own troops," he said.

Livingston added that his own legislative priorities would include tax and education reform, increased veteran's benefits, and improved constituent services, an area he said Fattah was especially weak in. "No one that I know has seen Fattah in the fourteen years he has been in office," he said, noting that the incumbent has one of the poorest attendance records in Congress.

A graduate of Cornell University and the Yale Law School, Livingston serves as Professor of Law at the Rutgers-Camden School of Law. Before his current employment, he was a tax lawyer in New York and Legislation Attorney with the Joint Committee on Taxation, United States Congress, 1983 to 1987. He previously ran for the Cheltenham School Board in 2007 where he received both the highest percentage and highest absolute vote total of any recent Republican candidate.

As part of his announcement, Livingston challenged Fattah to a series of debates, without preconditions, to discuss the issues facing the Second District. "Let's put everything on the table and let the people choose," he said.

Livingston has been endorsed by the Republican City Committee of Philadelphia and expects to receive the endorsement of the Cheltenham Republicans, for which he is unopposed, this week. The candidate has scheduled a fundraising event for March 12 and expects to attract significant financial support which will support flyers, advertising, and a website www.livingstonforcongress.com.

The candidate can be reached by telephone 215-635-1682 (home) or 267-847-0528 (cell), e-mail mike@livingstonforcongress.com, or by means of the campaign addresses indicated in this document.