Dan Meuser: A Conservative Leader


Dan Meuser has been widely recognized for his leadership and vision in the business world, as a community leader, and as an advocate for seniors and Americans with disabilities.

The business Dan, his brother Scott, and father Stan built now employs more than 1,200 individuals and has been named as one of Pennsylvania's best places to work. He has invested more than $40 million a year into other Pennsylvania companies through his business at Pride Mobility.

Dan has gained national recognition for his leadership in the fight to make home medical equipment available to those who need it. His leadership on the issue prevented harsh Medicare cuts from occurring, and Dan worked across partisan lines to see that seniors and Americans with disabilities have access to the health care they need. Helping seniors and Americans with disabilities to remain in their home instead of a nursing home saves billions of dollars for taxpayers.

Dan has been actively involved in his community, volunteering his time and resources to countless worthwhile causes. Dan and his family have worked hard to improve the Back Mountain region of Luzerne County.

Now Dan is running for Congress so that he can put his private sector and community experience to work for the residents of the 10th District as their Representative in Congress.

Below you will find the story of Dan Meuser the job creator, the advocate, and the family man. Over the course of the campaign, you'll get the sense of what Dan Meuser the Congressman would do for the 10th District in Congress.

Dan Meuser is a conservative leader ready to fight for real people.

Meuser Family

Dan with his wife Shelley, their children
(from left to right) Jacqueline 9-1/2, Daniel 5-1/2, Caroline 14 and their Yellow Lab "Tucker".

An Innovator and Job Creator

In 1988 Dan Meuser joined his father and brother in the small furniture business (25 employees) in which they had invested. Where some people saw a nice small business, Dan Meuser and his family saw something else.

In 1987, Pride Mobility Products exited the traditional furniture business to focus solely on the production of lift chairs to improve the quality of life for seniors.

In 1992, Pride Mobility Products expanded into the mobility business that allowed seniors and Americans with disabilities to improve their quality of life. These industry first models have helped to revolutionize the power mobility industry, offering not just functional but stylish scooters with a set of custom options to meet the demands of their customers.

Pride Mobility next entered the power chair market in 1996 by creating the industry leading Jazzy power chair, which has become one of the industry's most recognizable brands.

Because of the hard work of the employees at Pride combined with Dan and his family's leadership, Pride Mobility has become the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobility products. Pride's success has had as much to do with the way Dan and his family do business as it does with the products it makes. Dan believes in listening; at Pride this means listening to the customer and building products and services that are based upon their needs.

Throughout this success, Dan has invested in his community, his business, and in his employees. When the Meuser family founded Pride, there were 25 employees. Today, Pride Mobility is proud to employ more than 1,200 hard working individuals, including over 1,000 in the company's Northeastern Pennsylvania headquarters and Pride has been named one of Pennsylvania's best places to work. Pride invests over $40 million dollars a year into Pennsylvania's economy, including $30 million in the 10th District.

Dan will put his private sector job creating experience to work for the citizens of Pennsylvania's 10th District as their Representative in Congress. He understands that our leaders need to have the vision to set goals to improve the quality of life in our district, and the experience to accomplish these goals.

A Conservative Leader
A lot of potential candidates talk about supporting conservative causes and Republican candidates, but Dan Meuser has a record of supporting the party and it's candidates. Helping to elect more Republicans to office will help unify our government and allow us to get things done for the 10th district.

A Fighter for Real People

Too often in our political system, special interests in Washington dominate the debate, and it is the average person who gets left behind. Dan Meuser saw that very thing happening when it came to providing seniors and Americans with disabilities with the equipment they need, and Dan set out to do something about it in Washington.

Taking an active leadership role in the fight for the rights of seniors and Americans with disabilities wasn't something Dan had been planning for a long time, but it was something that he decided needed to be done.

As an industry leader, Dan spent countless hours in Washington DC advocating on behalf of seniors and Americans with disabilities against cuts in Medicare that would have denied individuals equipment and care they desperately needed.

Dan put aside partisan politics and worked with members of both sides of the aisle. Dan helped lead a movement that stopped important funding cuts so seniors and Americans with disabilities would get the service and equipment they need to remain independent within their home thereby saving American taxpayers billions of dollars.

While fighting for the rights of seniors and Americans with disabilities in Washington, Dan realized that there was plenty about the Capital that needed changed. Dan will use this experience to change Washington DC.

Serving His Community And Raising His Family

Dan and his family, including wife Shelley, daughters Caroline and Jacqueline, and son Daniel, live in the Back Mountain region of Luzerne County. Dan and his family have been dedicated to their community and their region serving as active members of our area.

Dan has served locally on the board of the Pittston YMCA and the Board of the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce. He serves on the board of Trustees of Misericordia University and is also a member of the school's health care advisory committee. Dan is an active participant and donor to various community causes including the United Way, Make-A-Wish Foundation, MS Society, St Jude Hospital, and St Joseph's Hospital.