House Approves Fiscally Irresponsible Budget

Press Release

Date: March 14, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

On Thursday, the House passed a Fiscal Year 2009 Budget Resolution that ends tax relief for millions of American families, increases federal spending, and ignores desperately needed fiscal reforms. This resolution sets forth a budgetary blueprint that represents the largest tax increase in American history, taking almost $683 billion from taxpayers' wallets over the next five years. By the year 2012, taxpayers in the 42nd District would see their taxes increase by an average amount of $2,343 with an estimated cost to the local economy of $346 million. During debate on the resolution, Congressman Miller supported an alternative budget that would have balanced the federal budget in five years without raising taxes. Unfortunately, this alternative failed and the underlying resolution passed by a vote of 212 to 207. At a time when America faces a slowing economy and soaring costs of living, Congressman Miller believes the last thing the American people need is a tax increase. He will continue to advocate for fiscally responsible spending that funds our nation's vital needs while living within a sensible framework.