Perdue to Give Justice, Compensation to Sterilization Victims

Press Release

Date: March 3, 2008
Location: Raleigh, NC

Bev Perdue today announced her plan to create the Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation as one of her first acts as Governor. The goal of this Foundation will be to provide justice and compensate those survivors and descendents who were forcibly sterilized by the state of North Carolina between 1929 and 1974.

Based on the recommendations of a Department of Health and Human Services task force created to examine the issue, the goal of the Justice for Sterilization Victims Foundation will be to identify and assist survivors and their descendents. The Foundation's development will be guided by a panel of three retired and highly respected North Carolina judges who will be charged with creating a charter that will establish guidelines for operation.

As North Carolina's next Governor, Bev Perdue will be committed to putting the ugly historical chapter of forced sterilization behind us by bringing justice to those families who were so tragically victimized.

"The forced sterilization of all those women without their permission - it's one of the most heinous things I have ever heard of," said Bev Perdue at a recent NAACP debate. "I am committed to making right those wrongs and giving justice to all of the victims."