Capitol Connection Newsletter

Press Release

Date: May 23, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

Capitol Connection Newsletter

Congressman Miller Cosponsors Clean Troop Funding Bill:
As our nation prepares to observe Memorial Day, Congressman Miller this week joined more than a hundred of his colleagues in cosponsoring a clean troop funding bill. In sharp contrast to legislation approved by the House just last week, the measure would meet the immediate needs of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan without any extraneous domestic spending or restrictive war policy provisions attached. The measure cosponsored by Congressman Miller, the Clean Global War on Terror Supplemental Appropriations Act, would provide $178 billion meet to the needs of our troops deployed in harm's way through early next year. As Memorial Day approaches, Congressman Miller believes it is shameful that Congress has failed to adequately provide for our men and women in uniform. He will continue working to pass a troop funding bill without further delay and without needless strings attached.

House Passes Resolutions Honoring American Servicemembers:
This week, the House unanimously voted in support of designating a National Military Appreciation Month to honor and celebrate the men and women in uniform who selflessly defend our nation's freedom. To further express gratitude for members of our nation's military, the House also approved a resolution recognizing the courage and sacrifice of members of the Armed Forces who were held as prisoners of war during the Vietnam conflict. Congressman Miller was proud to cosponsor both resolutions. He believes firmly that in any conflict our troops are our nation's greatest assets, helping to promote peace, stability, and democracy around the globe. With the observance of Memorial Day, it is important that we remember all those in uniform who have fought and died in the defense of freedom.

Financial Services Committee Examines Impact of Increased Loan Limits:
The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing Thursday to examine the impact of the recent loan limit increase for the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Under the Economic Stimulus Act which was signed into law earlier this year, the conforming loan limit for Fannie and Freddie was temporarily increased to a maximum of $730,000. That increase, however, is currently set to expire at the end of the year. Without congressional action, the GSE conforming loan limit would then revert back to $417,000, a level that Congressman Miller and 43 other members of the California congressional delegation have argued is far too low to be effective for California homebuyers. He urged his colleagues to make the temporary loan limit increase approved earlier this year permanent, a step he believes would go a long way toward turning the housing market around and providing Californians with needed access to safe, affordable mortgages.

Congressman Miller Pledges Support for Victims of California Mudslides:
In the aftermath of devastating fires throughout Orange County's canyons last fall, sudden thunderstorms spurred mudslides and flash flooding in Santiago, Modjeska, and Williams Canyons on Thursday. Throughout the day, Orange County Fire Authority personnel worked to gain access to people that may have been trapped by falling debris. At this time, several streets within the area remain closed. If you or someone you know needs assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Congressman Miller's office at (714) 257-1142. The Orange County Emergency Operations Center is also available to answer any questions at (714) 628-7085.