American Energy to Fuel the American Economy


Date: July 23, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

American Energy to Fuel the American Economy

Congressman Michael C. Burgess (R-Texas), M.D., today stood with the House GOP conference at the foot of the U.S. Capitol to support increased production of American energy and to reject calls for more regulation and more taxes. His comments were:

America needs affordable, reliable, and accessible domestic sources of energy. The Republican plan that was presented today puts all of the options on the table. Rising energy prices have hobbled our economy and put significant pressure on our family budget. This plan recognizes the need for immediate action. It gives the professional engineers, corporations, research institutions, and the federal government the tools they need to bring some relief.

The Members at the press conference today are answering the call of the consumer with tangible and realistic energy policy. We understand that in a global market with a slowing economy, America needs to contribute as a global supplier and as a competitor. Chasing scapegoats or punishing corporate success is not going to increase American energy supply or decrease fuel prices a single penny. We need results-oriented legislation, and that is what this coalition of Members put forward today.