Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Congressman Reichert knows that increasing college access and affordability is crucial to our continued success in a global economy. Congressman Reichert believes that our children deserve a strong education and diverse educational opportunities. As the Representative for the District that is home to leading technology companies such as Microsoft and Ramgen, Congressman Reichert knows that American students must increasingly focus on math and science in order to succeed in an increasingly high-tech world.

Dave has an 'A' rating with the National Education Association, and has been endorsed for reelection by the Washington Education Association and the National Education Association.

Increasing College Access and Affordability

* Congressman Reichert supported and the House passed, the College Access and Opportunity Act, which focuses on affordability, accessibility and accountability in colleges and universities. The Act expands college access for low-and middle-income students. Provides year-round Pell grants, allowing students a more flexible schedule.
* Congressman Reichert also voted for an amendment to the College Access and Opportunity Act that failed that would have cut student loan interest rates in half.

Increasing Available Student Loan Funds

* Congressman Reichert co-signed a letter requesting increased funding for Pell Grants for college students.
* Congressman Reichert co-sponsored the Children of Fallen Soldiers Pell Grant Act. This bill would give financial assistance to college students who lost a parent or guardian in Iraq or Afghanistan. The bill waives allows these students to receive Pell Grants.
* Congressman Reichert supported and the House passed the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act conference report, which would help states and local communities strengthen career and technical education and improve educational opportunities for students.

Strengthening Math and Science Education

* Congressman Reichert co-sponsored the Research for Competitiveness Act. This bill authorizes National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Energy (DOE) to give grants to university researchers at the start of their careers to perform innovative research.
* Congressman Reichert co-sponsored the Science and Mathematics Education for Competitiveness Act. This bill authorizes education programs for all levels--kindergarten through graduate school--at NSF and DOE.

The Washington Math Initiative

* Congressman Reichert co-signed a letter requesting funding to implement the Washington Math Initiative, which will help strengthen the quality of math education in the state.