Issue Position: Border Security and Immigration

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2011
Issues: Immigration

When it comes to illegal immigration and border security, Congressman Reichert approaches the issue from the perspective that we must first protect our borders and enforce our current laws to keep people from entering our country illegally. He believes we have both a right and a responsibility to control entry into our nation and regulate access to American jobs and social services.

Congressman Reichert believes that immigration is not just compatible with, but is a necessary component of economic growth and we must be careful to protect our economic interests while we work to strengthen our borders and protect the homeland.

* Supports measures to provide a verification system so employers can be sure their employees are here legally, and believes employers must be held accountable for knowingly hiring illegal workers.
* Supported legislation to provide an additional 1,000 border patrol agents; ensuring we have enough border patrol agents to guard our borders in the north and south and help local law enforcement officials enforce existing laws.
* Supported legislation authorizing a 700-mile barrier along vulnerable areas of our border with Mexico.
* Supported legislation to close a loophole in our border patrol efforts by ending "catch and release" - the practice in which illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico are assigned court dates for immigration hearings, are released, and then disappear.
* Supports legislation to prevent illegal aliens from accessing the same benefits and services that tax-paying Americans enjoy.
* Supported legislation to enhance state driver's licenses; requiring states to verify legal status on al cards issued.