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Issue Position: Energy Policy and Climate Change

Issue Position

To address threats faced to our country and our planet by climate change, America needs an energy policy that relies on resources that are both clean and efficient.

The issue of climate change is directly tied to our nation's energy policy. And while debate on this issue and proposed solutions to the problem will continue, the fact remains - we can not afford to sit on the sidelines and hope that this problem disappears on its own. We need to put ourselves on a path towards an energy policy that addresses climate change concerns and concurrently reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

This process begins with exploring and investing in a wide range of energy resources, from clean coal to nuclear, solar, and wind energy. A diverse energy portfolio can increase energy independence while creating new American jobs. Investment in clean and efficient energy resources will lead to lower levels of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere. And most importantly, by modernizing our energy policy we'll be attacking a fundamental problem that leads to climate change.

In order to ensure our national security and the health of our economy for years to come, we must invest in new technologies and diversify our energy portfolio. Only then will we truly be on a path to energy independence, on track to address the threats presented by climate change, and capable of securing our economic future.