Issue Position: Energy Independence

Issue Position

Our dependence on foreign oil threatens our national security and makes us vulnerable to dangerous dictatorships.

I propose making America energy self-sufficient. This is about tapping America's energy to create American prosperity and American security.

I support an "all of the above" plan. We need more energy at a lower cost on almost every front. We need to try it all and we need to try it now.

In fact, I opposed the Congress leaving for a five-week August recess without voting on a meaningful energy bill. I say lift the ban on deep ocean energy exploration before the moratorium expires this fall and drill now. We should build more refineries in America to lower the cost of gas and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. With the right safeguards to protect the environment, we should explore for oil all along our coastlines and for oil shale in the Rockies. These bans expire this fall and we should lift them.

We also should reward those who conserve our natural resources. I support tax incentives for those who make their home, car or business more energy efficient.

I support the No More Excuses Energy Act that will reduce the price of gasoline by:

1) Expanding U.S. refinery capacity

2) Unlocking America's energy resources

3) Promoting the use of clean, alternative energy.