Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

- We must secure our borders and finish the fence!
We must protect our sovereignty once and for all by gaining control of our porous borders. I support the border fence and have co-sponsored the Fence by Date Certain Act.

- Opposing perks for illegal immigrants and fighting blanket amnesty
Why on earth should illegal immigrants be able to collect Social Security, receive in-state tuition benefits, and vote in elections? I am a strong opponent of these ideas and I believe that hard-working American taxpayers deserve better.

I also oppose rewarding illegal immigrants who have broken American laws by offering blanket amnesty and believe we should make English the official language of this nation.

- Create an efficient and effective worker verification system
As the author of the New Employer Verification Act (NEVA, H.R. 5515), I am confident that this legislation is the key to fighting illegal immigration by creating an efficient and effective worker verification system.

NEVA builds on the successes and amends the short-comings of the current E-verify system, which is a pilot program. NEVA mandates all employers to check worker's eligibility and does so more efficiently than our current, inefficient paper-based I-9 system. NEVA makes employers part of the solution to illegal immigration by utilizing the New Hire Reporting System presently used by 90% of employers which helps track down deadbeat dads.

Information is routed simultaneously to both E-Verify and to the New Hire system so that work authorization can be determined instantly by the proper agencies. It also protects Americans from identity theft by an additional worker identity authentication component which is a clear weak-link in the current E-Verify pilot program.