Issue Position: War on Terror

Issue Position

September 11 changed our lives forever. That day America woke up to the reality of a new enemy. Today's terrorists have no care for innocent life and have vowed to bring America to its knees. My top priority is to help make sure this nation does not suffer another terrorist attack, and my work and votes reflect that important priority.

Our struggle in Iraq and Afghanistan is the great stand in this war on terror. In Iraq, I support implementing the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group and continuing to find the enemy and destroy him. In Afghanistan, we must continue the fight and work with the Afghani Government to finish the job and establish permanent peace. If we fail, the terrorists will succeed in implementing a radical Islamic state to use as a base for future terrorist attacks on the United States.

My votes and work to fight against terrorism have included:

* Supporting the soldiers fighting for our freedom by providing them with the latest and best equipment.
* A staunch supporter of increased intelligence funding to bolster our defense and battle terrorism.
* A passionate advocate of taking the fight to the terrorists before they bring terror to the United States.