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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

Issue Position: Health Care

Today our Congress is facing serious debate and decisions about our health care system. I truly believe that changes need to be made to ensure that every American gets the health care they deserve. Health care should be reliable and accessible to every American.

America's Families have benefited from Social Security for over 70 years. I support a balanced Social Security plan for guaranteed benefits so that we can continue providing for the people who rely on it today and for future generations who will need it. I am also in total opposition to any type of privatizing of Social Security. Private accounts would make building the Social Security system even harder. I believe it is far too risky and could destroy the system all together.

Prescription drugs costs continue to soar at a rate higher than general inflation. I would like to scrap the current prescription bill and re-write it in plain language that the average American can understand. I would also like to see Medicare utilize its bargaining power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

Health Care should be a right and not a privilege.