Issue Position: Health

Issue Position

Combating the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Congressman Fattah has been a staunch advocate of "Safe Blood for Africa" and other initiatives that work to clean up Africa's blood supply. He believes that this is an important way to improve the health and safety of some of the world's poorest people. He has consistently supported increased funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as efforts to address the social effects of this crisis, i.e. orphaned children, homeless families and unemployed adults. The Congressman is a cosponsor of HR 1420, the Microbicide Development Act. This bill will advance research and development in microbicides, a promising method of HIV/AIDS prevention.

Ending Disparities in Health Care for African Americans and Latinos

Congressman Fattah is working with the Congressional Black Caucus Task Force to eliminate the disparities in health care for African Americans. He recognizes that far too often our most vulnerable citizens lack access to life saving preventive and curative medicine. He believes that every person should have access to health insurance and, in addition to his support for Medicaid, Medicare and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), he supports universal health care coverage. The Congressman knows that prevention is the best medicine and supports the Food Stamp program (and other programs that address food insecurity) Medicaid, community health centers and other efforts to keep families healthy.

Reproductive Rights

Congressman Fattah is pro-choice and views abortion as a deeply personal decision that is entirely beyond the reach of the government. He supports access to comprehensive reproductive health information and services. The Congressman is a cosponsor of HR 819, the Prevention First Act and HR 1653 the Real Education About Life Act. Both of these bills seek to provide scientifically valid health information to men and women so that they may make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Prescription Drug Benefit in Medicare

Congressman Fattah firmly believes that the Medicare program should provide affordable prescription drug coverage to those who need it, and supports initiatives to provide this much needed benefit. He has some concerns about the Medicare Part D benefit passed in the 109th Congress and supports amendments to that bill. In particular, the Congressman supported HR 4, the Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act. This bill, passed during the Democrats' first one hundred hours in control of the Congress, will help to lower drug prices and improve access to life-saving pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical research and development has saved millions of lives and is a crucial part of the national economy. It is important that all Americans have the opportunity to benefit from these achievements.

Cuts to Medicaid and Food Stamps

Congressman Fattah recognizes the importance of both Medicaid and Food Stamps in supporting low-income communities and is strongly opposed to efforts to damage or destroy these programs. The Congressman believes that it is counter-productive to take necessary funds from one program providing health coverage to transmit them to another and he opposes cuts the Medicaid program. Also, the Congressman will be speaking out about the importance of Food Stamps during the upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization and opposes cuts to this vital program.