Issue Position: Lower Taxes and Less Waste

Issue Position

Jim Gerlach is fighting to cut Government Waste and will continue to be Our Independent Voice for Taxpayers

"I believe Pennsylvania taxpayers should keep more of their own money, not pay higher taxes. I will continue to fight the billions of dollars every year in waste and fraud to reduce government spending."

Jim Gerlach supports the following initiatives:

Cut "Bridge to Nowhere" Waste in Washington

* Jim Gerlach has voted against wasteful projects like the "Bridge to Nowhere" and the $2 million Charlie Rangel Center (sponsored by Rep. Charlie Rangel!) which wastes billions of tax dollars! We also must eliminate fraud in Medicare which now totals $70 billion every year. We must also require the Iraqi government to begin paying for their own reconstruction and increase the number of auditors in the Defense Department to monitor and stop the billions in unchecked contracts and mismanagement.

Make Tax Cuts Permanent

* According to the US Department of Treasury, the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts have saved the average Pennsylvania taxpayer over $2,000 every year. These tax cuts include the child tax credit, marriage penalty relief, elimination of the death tax, reductions in dividend rates to help seniors and families save and invest, and protects the new 10% tax bracket which helps low income families. Unless these tax cuts are made permanent, all Pennsylvanians will see substantially higher taxes.

Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

* Coupled with a focus on controlling government spending instead of raising taxes, it is imperative for our children and future generations that we substantially reduce our nations $9.3 trillion debt. Jim Gerlach supports amending the Constitution to ensure that each annual federal budget does not add to the long term federal deficit.

Line Item Veto

* Awarding the President line-item veto authority would allow for elimination of wasteful, unnecessary spending.