Bans on Offshore and Oil Shale Energy Production Expire

Press Release

Date: Oct. 3, 2008
Location: Washington, DC

On Wednesday, October 1, the 27 year old bans on offshore and oil shale energy production expired. Lifting the bans on energy production off our shores and in the Inter-Mountain West's oil shale reserves is a step toward lower gas prices and American energy independence. By allowing the bans to expire, Congress has taken a critical step toward a comprehensive approach to solving America's energy needs. Congressman Miller is pleased with Congress' decision to lift these outdated bans and in the future he will continue to advocate for a comprehensive plan that provides critical revenue-sharing agreements that would give states an incentive to allow energy production in their energy reserves, encourages more conservation and efficiency, and creates a renewable energy trust fund that would be financed through drilling revenues from several energy-rich locations in Alaska and off our shores.