Issue Position: Energy Future

Issue Position

"While economists and politicians look at stock prices, interest rates, money supply, and consumer confidence for measurements of our economic outlook, for most of us these measurements are widely irrelevant in our everyday lives. People cannot eat GDP, fill their gas tanks with the interest rate, clothe their families with stock prices, or pay college tuition bills with the unemployment rate. Everyday circumstances are what shape our personal economic outlook. They are the price of gas, the total in our savings account, the medical bill in the mail, the credit card balance waiting to be paid, and the tax assessment on the kitchen counter. These are the indicators the federal government needs to be concerned about to get our economy back on track."
- Congressman Randy Forbes

Randy's Plan for Our Energy Future

Creating a New Manhattan Project for Energy Independence.

Congressman Forbes has introduced legislation to establish a bold project that leverages scientific research and development towards meeting the goal of our nation's 50% energy independence in ten years and 100% energy independence in 20 years. To achieve this goal, the New Manhattan Project will bring together the best and brightest scientists in our nation in a competitive format to effectively research one of seven established energy goals and will award significant prizes to any group, school, team, or company who reaches the goal. The bill promotes dramatic advances in the fields of alternative technology vehicles, green buildings, solar power, biofuels, carbon sequestration, nuclear waste remediation, and nuclear fusion. If all of these goals are achieved, our energy independence would be secured, and even if one of them is achieved, our energy outlook would be transformed.

Increasing Production.

Reducing consumption and pursuing alternative energies are not enough to bring relief at the pump for consumers and small businesses. Congressman Forbes has consistently voted for increased drilling for oil, bringing new refineries online, and streamlining regulations that discourage production. He has also supported the policies which encourage the safe expansion of nuclear energy.

Provide Tax Incentives to Encourage Energy Innovation.

Congressman Forbes supports a tax policy that better encourages energy innovation at the manufacturing level and energy conservation at the consumer level. Congressman Forbes supports providing basic tax credits for consumers purchasing energy efficient automobiles to encourage manufacturer innovation and consumer conservation. Providing tax incentives to businesses that adopt conservation policies would result in major improvements in energy consumptions. These solutions would provide us with environmental gains while balancing the economic costs.

Increasing Fuel Efficiency of Our Cars.

One of the primary ways we can decrease consumption while simultaneously protecting the environment is by increasing the fuel efficiency of our cars. Congressman Forbes has supported increases in federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, while maintaining the level of safety and quality our families have come to expect from advancing technology. A careful, balanced approach to environmental and safety concerns surrounding fuel efficiency will keep working-class families employed and put our nation on a track towards effective energy conservation.