Congressman Miller Outlines Principles for Economic Recovery

Press Release

Date: Jan. 30, 2009
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Miller Outlines Principles for Economic Recovery

Our economy is currently facing historic and unprecedented challenges that are posing a clear threat to our country's economic underpinnings. I firmly believe that the best way to strengthen our economy is to lower taxes, pay off the debt, and make the government smaller and more effective.

As the Representative of California's 42nd District, I have always worked to eliminate the government's abuse of taxpayer dollars and give more freedom and money back to the American people. History has demonstrated that lower taxes and pro-growth economic policies have created millions of jobs and an expanded economy.

It is imperative that we follow suit and make permanent the most effective tax cuts of the past decade, specifically the child credit, the marriage penalty relief, the repeal of the death tax, and the repeal of the alternative minimum tax.

Further, to maintain American jobs and businesses at home, Congress must also reduce the corporate tax rate. The United States' business taxes remain well above the world average and are affecting our global competitiveness, wages, and living standards. By cutting the corporate tax rate, employers would be encouraged to invest more of their money in growth and job creation.

To make the most of taxpayer dollars, Congress must stop the government free-for-all and tighten our purse during these challenging economic times. The Congressional Budget Office's recent prediction that the deficit for the Fiscal Year 2009 budget will top a record $1.2 trillion only highlights this need.

Since my first term as Congressman, I have consistently cosponsored the balanced budget Constitutional amendment, which would effectively require Congress to pass a balanced budget every year and ultimately eliminate unnecessary and wasteful spending. Families all across our nation every day have to make tough decisions about what they can and cannot afford and it is time that elected officials follow their example.

Fiscal responsibility is about striking a balance among competing demands and facing obligations not only to today's generation, but also to tomorrow's. In these challenging times, I will work hard to eliminate wasteful government spending while preserving funding for essential programs that keep America secure, maintain our vital infrastructure, and ensure our neediest citizens are cared for.

As families and small businesses are facing difficult challenges, Congress and the new Administration must work together to provide real solutions to put our economy on the path to financial security and prosperity.