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Inslee Statement on "Cash for Clunkers" Agreement


Date: May 5, 2009

U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee (D-Wash.) made the following statement on the announcement by the White House that members of the House of Representatives have reached agreement on a fleet modernization, or "cash-for-clunkers," proposal:

"After weeks of discussions, my colleagues and I reached an agreement on the ‘cash for clunkers' fleet modernization policy last night," said Inslee. "This will give consumers an incentive to trade in their older-model gas-guzzlers for new, fuel-efficient vehicles. It will save consumers money at the pump and at the dealership, and will cut down on carbon pollution going into our air and water.

"Reaching an agreement on the Cash for Clunkers policy is the first of many resolved disagreements we will encounter in moving a new energy policy through Congress. This deal proves that the committee and the Congress can work together to find a consensus on the overall plan."

"In our meeting today, President Obama said that once in a while when you're in Congress, you do things that really matter in a historic sense," said Inslee. "This energy legislation is one of those chances."

"I'm also proud to note that President Obama today mentioned the McKinstry Company in Seattle as an example of how energy efficiency programs create jobs. The larger bill now being discussed will do the same for communities around Washington state and around the country. I look forward to the launch of this bill as the next great leap forward in the New Apollo Energy Project."