Pence Urges President To Overturn "Wrongheaded Decision" Regarding Gitmo Detainees


Date: Nov. 20, 2009
Location: Washington D.C.

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, issued the following statement today urging the Obama Administration to overturn its decision to transfer several Guantanamo Bay detainees to New York City for trial, and in support of the efforts by Congressman Peter Hoekstra (R-MI), Ranking Republican on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, who filed a discharge petition on H.R. 2294, the "Keep Terrorists Out of America Act":

"Trying terrorists like ordinary criminals puts international public relations ahead of public safety and makes a mockery of American justice.‪ This administration's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and his cohorts, in our civilian criminal courts is the most naïve and dangerous decision I have ever witnessed the United States government make‪. We should not be granting terrorists their wish to be tried at the scene of the worst enemy attack in American history‪.

"The Obama administration must overturn this wrongheaded decision and try these enemy combatants in a military tribunal where they belong.

"House Republicans are committed to protecting Constitutional rights for American citizens and not terrorists. I strongly support the effort to bring the ‘Keep Terrorists Out of America Act' before Congress without further delay. I call on Speaker Pelosi, and the Democrat leadership, to allow this bill to come to the House floor for a vote."