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Chesapeake Pulls Application To Put Toxic Dump Next To Keuka Lake


Date: Feb. 16, 2010
Location: Pulteney, NY
Issues: Environment

Today, Rep. Eric Massa applauded the recent news that Chesapeake Energy has removed their application to put a hydrofracking waste water dump next to Keuka Lake in the town of Pulteney. This victory came after a full week of intense grassroots opposition to this proposal. In letters to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and the US Environmental Protection Agency, Chesapeake formalized their decision to remove their application following Rep. Massa's formal request for them to do so in a letter dated January 19th. While this request may have had some impact on Chesapeake's decision to pull their permit application, Rep. Massa today gave full credit to the families of Keuka Lake who built a grassroots movement to lead the way and deliver this victory.

"This is a victory for the families of the Finger Lakes," said Rep. Eric Massa. "The concerned citizens of the Finger Lakes showed everyone that a strong grassroots movement can defy all odds and emerge victorious. While some politicians may try to swoop in and take credit for today's news, clearly this victory belongs to the citizens that fought to protect the place they call home."

"I've been consistent in my stance that it's more important to get it right than to get it fast and that's what today's announcement is all about. Ultimately if we don't take the necessary steps to protect our land and our water for the next generation, then we have nothing."

"While this is good news, there is a lot of work left to be done to ensure the sanctity of our precious Finger Lakes. This Congressional office belongs to the families of Western New York, and we will continue to remain focused on this issue."