Issue Position: Cap & Trade, EPA CO2 Regulations and Climategate

Issue Position

Made simple: this legislation levies a tax on the consumption of energy. If you use any form of energy in your home, car or business you will be required to pay an additional tax on that consumption. I am strongly opposed to this bill and voted against it in the House. However, Cap & Trade passed in the House by one vote and is currently stalled in the Senate. If passed, it will cost thousands of jobs, raise taxes and the cost of energy without making any significant or proven improvements to the quality of the environment.

In an effort to revive the Cap & Trade legislation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a ruling that will allow this agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions through any provision under the Clean Air Act. This will result in the creation of an expansive regulatory program that will subject hundreds of thousands of major sources of emissions to the EPA's costly, burdensome, and onerous review process - and cost Southeast Texas untold revenues and jobs.