Issue Position: Taxes/Economy

Issue Position

I believe in limited government, less government spending and increased tax cuts.

I've pledged not to vote for any tax increase while in Congress. And I am true to my word-I have not voted for more taxes on American Citizens and will not vote for tax increases. I was awarded the "Champion of the Taxpayer Award" by Americans for Tax Reform for my steadfastness on this issue.

I support replacing the IRS and the current federal income tax system with a fairer and simpler tax system. The current income tax system costs Americans hundreds of millions of dollars a year just to administer. I support debating the merits of the Fair Tax and Consumption Tax on the House floor and taking serious steps to improve our tax system.

I support the increase in the child tax credit and the permanent elimination of the death (inheritance) tax so people can pass along a lifetime of savings, property, business or farm without their surviving family members having to pay taxes on these assets.

The rate of economic growth is the single most important factor affecting jobs, incomes, the Federal Budget and the solvency of Social Security and Medicare.

With the right economic policies, America is capable of rapid, sustained economic growth. I will continue to fight for these policies.