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Herger: Supporting Our Troops Should Be The Only Option


Date: March 10, 2010
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Wally Herger, (R-CA) issued the following statement after the House rejected a resolution that would have directed the President to remove all American forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2010. The House voted on this measure after Speaker Pelosi and Democratic leadership were pressured by the far left of their party to provide an opportunity to express opposition to President Obama's surge strategy.

"Thankfully, the House rejected the ill-conceived measure. It is dangerous and irresponsible to hold a vote questioning the mission of our troops while they are in the midst of a particularly critical stage of President Obama's surge strategy. Speaker Pelosi and the Democrat leadership should be getting behind our men and women in uniform instead of handing our enemies a propaganda opportunity. The only thing that offering this resolution accomplishes is undermining our troops and their families that are doing the hard work of freedom and keeping America safe.

"We can't afford to allow Afghanistan to again become a safe haven for terrorists that wish to kill our citizens and threaten our way of life. We must not turn our backs on this vital mission to U.S. security. The counterinsurgency strategy was recommended by generals on the ground and has already had important successes. While there is hard and dangerous work ahead, the surge has resulted in the capture of key Taliban leaders, the routing of Taliban forces, and the liberation of key areas of the country that were strongholds of the Taliban. The Speaker should be putting a resolution on the floor that lauds our troops and reinforces our commitment to their critical mission in the War on Terror, rather than provide a platform for a fringe movement that can do nothing but damage the morale of the men and women fighting to protect the American people."