Capitol Connection Newsletter


Date: April 16, 2010
Location: Washington, DC

Health Care Bill Contains the Largest Tax Increase in American History:
Among its most egregious provisions, the Democrats' health care "reform' package raises taxes by $569 billion, which is the largest tax increase in American history. Under the new Washington-run health care system, Americans who already have private health insurance will have their plans taxed. In addition, those who do not have health insurance and do not want it will also be forced to pay a tax. The largest single tax hike in the bill -- $210 billion -- results from a 0.9 percent increase in the Medicare payroll tax on wages for job creators and small businesses, and a new 3.8 percent surtax on net investment income. The threshold amounts for these surtaxes are not indexed for inflation, meaning that although the taxes are aimed at high-income individuals today, they will reach increasing numbers of middle-income taxpayers over time. As a strong fiscal conservative and advocate for taxpayers, Congressman Miller opposes these outrageous tax increases, especially during these times of economic hardship. He will continue to fight to repeal the bill and start over with common sense market solutions to lower the cost of insurance for all Americans. To view the tax implementation timeline, click here.

Tax Day 2010 Marked by More Taxes, More Government Spending:
On Thursday, Americans faced their most dreaded deadline of the year: Tax Day. Although Southern Californians are already overtaxed, Congressional Democrats and the Administration are increasing taxes to fund their pet projects and special interests. Since January of 2009, President Obama and the Majority have enacted into law gross tax increases totaling more than $670 billion. This amounts to more than $2,100 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. At the same rate, the Majority has also increased nondefense government spending by 84 percent since President Obama was sworn into office. These taxpayer dollars have been used to grow government and fund special interests, such as the 159 new government programs contained in the government-run health care bill and wasteful spending contained in the so-called stimulus package. As a result of these policies, both the Congressional Budget Office and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke recently called our nation's fiscal path "unsustainable.' Rather than head down an unsustainable fiscal road, Congressman Miller believes Americans must be able to keep more of their own money and small businesses must have increased access to their own capital so private sector jobs can be preserved and created. In addition, he believes tax relief must also be coupled with reduced government spending.

Congressman Miller Supports Reducing Tax Burden on Americans:
As a tireless advocate of lowering all forms of taxes, Congressman Miller has been working hard in Congress to reduce the tax burden on hardworking Americans. To that effect, he has cosponsored legislation to make permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, which include the child tax credit, the marriage tax credit, the elimination of the death tax, along with a permanent repeal of the alternative minimum tax. Congressman Miller has also cosponsored the Fair Tax Act, which would simplify the U.S. tax code by abolishing all federal income taxes, death taxes, capital gains taxes, and payroll taxes, and replace them with a national sales tax on the purchase of all new goods and services. Although the Majority continues to increase taxes on hardworking Americans and job-creating small businesses, he will continue fighting in Congress to reduce taxes and simply the complex tax code. To view Congressman Miller's recent speech regarding taxes, click here.

Deadline for Artistic Discovery Competition is Approaching:
Congressman Miller would like to remind high school students in the 42nd District that artwork submissions for the Artistic Discovery 2010 Congressional Art Competition are due on April 30, 2010. The Artistic Discovery competition provides aspiring high school artists with the opportunity to have a winning entry displayed at the U. S. Capitol for a full year. The second and third place winning entries will hang in Congressman Miller's Washington and Brea offices. Southwest Airlines will provide the first place winner with two free roundtrip tickets to Washington, DC to see their artwork unveiled. For more information on Artistic Discovery 2010, please contact Shaun Rundle in Congressman Miller's Brea office at (714) 257-1142.

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