Issue Position: Protecting Western Pennsylvania Values

Issue Position

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

Growing up in Western Pennsylvania, Mark understands that the basic rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment should not be infringed upon with unnecessary restrictions. Mark believes that sportsmen, hunters, and citizens concerned for their personal safety are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. In Congress, Mark will oppose any effort to weaken this right guaranteed to us in the Constitution.

Protecting Life

Mark is pro-life and opposes taxpayer funding of abortion. In Congress, Mark will fight for policies that stand up for the sanctity of life.

Reducing the Deficit

Mark knows that families have to live within their means, and he thinks it's time that Congress starts doing the same. That's why he is committed to reducing the deficit and thinks Congress should start by tightening its own belt. Mark will fight to constrain government spending by working to eliminate wasteful programs, and as a first step, Mark supports reducing the salaries and office budgets for members of Congress by 5 percent next year.