Issue Position: Promoting Free Markets and Job Creation

Issue Position

I believe that unbridled government spending kills jobs. I believe that the key to creating jobs is limited government, low taxes and fewer government regulations, not more. The government does not create jobs, the private sector does. I will oppose continued efforts from those in Washington who put special interests ahead of the people.

Legislation recently passed in Congress -- and supported by the district's current congressman prove that Democrats in Washington are clueless to the issues that face an economically strapped 5th district. Passage of the "Cap and Trade" bill not only means higher utility bills and taxes for business, but it will make an already dire economic situation worse.

The goal of our next Congressman needs to be job creation and getting our economy back in good standing. Robert believes that small businesses and the private sector is the economic engine to lead this recovery.

Washington needs to create incentives for small businesses to starting hiring again and we need to start bringing companies back to Virginia. Virginia is no longer competing for jobs with just other states in our country -- we are competing for jobs with countries likes India and China.

Since my election to the House of Delegates eight years ago, job creation and education have been major areas of my focus -- since they both go hand in hand. We need to end the 5th districts number one export; our children.

My support for K-12 education and for workforce training in Virginia is a key building block that demonstrates my commitment to the economic vitality of our region. I was a leader in the establishment of the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research in Danville and the New College Institute in Martinsville, and I led in the establishment of an executive cabinet position; the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, which is vital to many parts of our region which rely on agriculture. Keeping our children here and staying within the family business is not just political speak -- its demonstrated in my support of eliminating Virgina's Estate tax, something I will fight to end on the federal level.