Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

I am a fierce advocate for more local control of education. The education of our children is far too important and far too expensive (it costs roughly $100,000 to put a child through school-kindergarten through grade 12) to hand off to bureaucrats in Washington, DC. Federal involvement has not led to better test scores from students, but it has certainly led to headaches for parents and teachers.

Our communities and our families know best what our kids need, and I will protect our right to make these important and formative decisions. Congress must repeal ineffective education policy that consolidates decision-making in Washington,DC, and must return authority to the states and power to the the parents to choose the education system-be it public school, a home school, or other option-that is right for their child.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 90% of the funding for Georgia schools comes from state, county, and private sources. Less than 10% of the funding comes from Washington, and of course every nickel that does come from Washington is a nickel that was taken from a Georgia taxpayer to begin with. I will work to keep all of those Georgia taxpayer nickels in Georgia, so that Georgia has the resources to fund it school system free from Federal interference.