Carson, House Approve DISCLOSE Act

Press Release

Date: June 24, 2010
Location: Washington, DC

Aiming to strengthen the transparency and disclosure in federal campaigns, Congressman André Carson today voted to approve the DISCLOSE Act.

The DISCLOSE Act requires corporations, organizations and special interest groups to stand by their political advertising just like a candidate for office does. CEOs will need to identify themselves in their advertisements, and corporations and organizations will be required to disclose their political expenditures.

"The recent Citizens United Supreme Court decision opened the door for special interests and foreign corporations to have undue influence on our elections," said Congressman Carson. "Voters have the right to know who is behind the ads they are seeing on television, and this legislation is significant in ensuring we have that necessary accountability. The American people should be the center of our Democracy and our elections, not big corporations and special interests."

The legislation will prevent U.S. corporations controlled by foreign governments from funneling money to front groups that run attack ads and other anonymous political advertisements. It also prohibits entities that receive taxpayer money - such as large government contractors and corporations receiving TARP funds - from turning around and spending that money to influence elections.