Fox 8 - Jindal Demands Urgency, Biden Makes No Promises

News Article

Date: July 6, 2010
Location: Kenner, LA
Issues: Oil and Gas

By Val Bracy

Governor Bobby Jindal spent Tuesday with Vice President Joe Biden and it does not sound like a whole lot was accomplished.

Jindal says the vice president listened to his concerns and promised to take them back to Washington, but the governor says Biden didn't make any specific promises.

Jindal says he shared three main concerns with Biden: The consequences Louisiana will suffer from the drilling moratorium, the need for more boom and skimmers, and perhaps state and local leader's most pressing problem, all of the federal red tape standing in their way, especially when it comes to getting permits for oil protection projects.

"Over three weeks ago we met with the president right here, right here in Louisiana, right here in New Orleans, right here at the Kenner airport to talk to him about this plan to say that we needed his help to cut thought the red tape, cut through the bureaucracy, to get that plan approved. We were told at that time to expect a call within hours, as of today they are still fighting. They still don't have the permit for the rocks," said Jindal.

Jindal talked specifically about the challenges of getting a permit to build rock barriers near Grand Isle.

He says the federal government is more concerned about what the rocks will do to the water than what the oil will do to the coast.