Issue Position: Bailouts & Stimulus

Issue Position

Bailouts of private businesses are changing the nature of our free market system. They corrupt our free market system by rewarding the irresponsible and penalizing the responsible.

Bank bailouts, which led to taxpayer money directly or indirectly going into multi-million dollar bonuses, left almost everyone in our nation rightfully disgusted. Auto bailouts perpetuated failing business models for the benefit of unions and other liberal special interests.

Government should not pick winners and losers in our free market system. We do not need more bailouts or misplaced stimulus plans.

I believe we should adopt the type of reforms President Reagan used to fix a teetering economy in the 1980's. Instead the liberals in Congress passed massively wasteful stimulus plans.

Their stimulus plans do little to stimulate the economy; rather it just piles more debt onto the taxpayers. These bailouts and stimulus plans must come to an end. We need to undo the damage done.