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Issue Position: Security

Issue Position

The first and most important job of the federal government is the protection of our citizens. Fulfilling this mandate requires strong border security, a state-of-the-art military, bold foreign policy, and a steadfast commitment to defeat our enemies wherever we find them.

At a time when our nation is at war, we need federal leaders who are committed to winning this global war on terror. I am committed to a foreign policy that fights and defeats the terrorists where they live and train before they can come to our nation to kill innocent Americans. We need to support our military with the tools, equipment, and strategy that it takes to defeat terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, and wherever else they may be training and plotting against our nation.

I will support state of the art weapons and training for our military and I will oppose any attempt to hollow out our essential readiness. Middle Tennessee has long supported the brave men and women of the 101st Airborne and other units stationed at Ft. Campbell and I will be an aggressive advocate for them in Congress. Those soldiers are often called to the most dangerous situations and I will make sure their bravery is matched by an equal commitment from our government to support, equip and prepare them for their missions.

Once we apprehend terrorists, we must treat them as the enemy combatants that they are. I will oppose the Obama Administration's desire to make wholesale changes in our counter-terrorism policies and thereby treat terrorists little different from shoplifters. Our enemies have resolved to destroy our way of life -- we must have an equal resolve to defeat them and protect Americans.