Issue Position: Constitutional Governance

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2012

One of the first things I did when considering running for Congress was to read the constitution. It's the owner's manual for governing our country. The decisions I make will be based on it. But beyond that, we are a unique and revolutionary nation. Here, we do not bow or swear allegiance to king or crown, but to our constitution. Article VI, Clause 3 has a simple requirement for Members of Congress as well as other elected officials: "to support this Constitution." Many of our elected officials have forgotten this crucial element of governing and I believe this is the fundamental cause of the significant losses of our freedoms and self-governance.

The purpose of the constitution is to limit government - to chain it down and protect the people and not the other way around. Washington has it backwards.

I will fight to restore constitutional government - a limited federal government, to return power and money to state governments, and remember the constitutional republic left to us by our founders.

We must fight further government encroachment in our lives, on our Bill of Rights, our rights as gun owners and property owners. The decisions I make as a Member of Congress will be based on constitutional concerns, not the opinions of a day or what's best "politically."