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Stuart Bain Issues Statement on Perriello's "Libertarian" Comment

Press Release

Date: Aug. 13, 2010
Location: Roanoke, VA

Stuart Bain, Libertarian Party candidate for Virginia's 6th Congressional District race, issued a statement today about Democratic Congressman Tom Perriello's (VA-05) comment that Obama's health care plan is, "really being about individual rights and libertarian rights.[1]"

Bain said, "Clearly, Congressman Perriello is either delusional or completely uninformed as to the core principles of liberty. His assertion that the provisions of the Obamacare bill are anywhere close to being in line with the views of libertarians or the Libertarian Party is absurd. Libertarians believe in smaller government and free market solutions. Tom Perriello's track record proves he believes the exact opposite."

"Just the individual mandate alone violates everything even remotely related individual liberty. Luckily, we in Virginia don't have to abide by the individual mandate thanks to Virginia's Healthcare Freedom Act," said Bain, referring to the state legislation passed earlier this year to thwart the federal government's efforts to force citizens to buy health insurance.

When asked about the government forcing others to be charitable towards their fellow citizens, Bain responded that "Forced charity at the hands of the government is not charity at all. It is legalized plunder. If Congressman Perriello truly believed in the principles of liberty, he would know that free market solutions to health care are the only way to ensure cost effective solutions for all. With the amazing resurgence of support for libertarian ideals and principles in the country, it is clear that Congressman Perriello just views this as an opportunity and is using these comments as a ploy and last ditch effort to try and maintain his seat. While Perriello's comments will no doubt reach the liberty-minded individuals of his district, they will not resonate at all."

Bain went on to explain that Congressman Perriello's vote to expand socialism in this country through Obamacare is no different than that of 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte's (R) 2003 vote to expand socialism with the deficit-building, unfunded $5 trillion Medicare expansion. "The only difference is the letter after their names," he said. "I don't think either of those two votes are in line with the beliefs of the districts they represent." Bain then mentioned that the Libertarian Party does not have a candidate running in the 5th district against Perriello this year, but that "the voters will have their say come November. My district and Congressman Perriello's share areas like Lynchburg and Bedford. I talk to a lot of fired up activists in his district eager to see him defeated."

Stuart Bain is the only major party candidate running for the United States House of Representatives in the sixth district of Virginia against incumbent Bob Goodlatte. He served in the United States Marine Corps after high school and studied computer science and business at Virginia Tech and American Sentinel University. He and his wife Sarah live in Salem, Virginia and have two children. Stuart is employed by a Roanoke-based web technology and marketing firm where he has served in the capacity of IT manager and Chief Technical Officer for the past eight years. He has the endorsement of the Libertarian Party and is the only candidate in the race who supports the popular Fair Tax Plan.