Together, We Can Ensure that America's Best Days Are Ahead


As we enter a new weekend--a weekend that signals the end of summer--I find myself reflecting on two things. First, I find myself reflecting on the President's promise of a "recovery summer." As our nation's unemployment rate hovers at 10%, as a record number of homes are near foreclosure, as our nation's GDP is in decline, we are all painfully aware of the unmet promises of big government.

I don't revel in the failure. Did I expect government to fail? Yes. Did I ever believe that increasing government transfer payments to citizens would lead to economic growth? No. But, I don't revel in the failure. We all need the American economy to get back on track. But you and I didn't have enough votes in Congress to stop the ill-fated recovery packages championed by the President. Now, 18-months later, we have higher unemployment, higher foreclosure rates, higher federal debt and deficits, and no answers. I don't say all of this to point the finger of blame; I say it so that we can pose this very simple question to the left: "We've tried things your way, and they haven't worked; will you join with us now to give our ideas a try?"

That question brings me to the second thing that I am reflecting on today: the "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, DC, last weekend. I know many of you followed the rally with great interest, and I know that some of you even attended. But I want to revisit that rally for just one moment. Whether you love Glenn Beck or hate Glenn Beck or don't know who Glenn Beck is, you have to be impressed with the Restoring Honor rally that he hosted on the National Mall in Washington. It was not an angry rally, though we have much to be angry about. It was not a blame rally, though there is a lot of blame to go around. It was not an anti-Obama rally, as his name never once came up. It was a "let's talk about what can be if we have the courage to make it so" rally. It was a "together, we can ensure that America's best days are ahead" rally. To Glenn Beck and the sea of American families who turned out to be with him, I say, "Thank you. America needed that."

As you begin your holiday weekend, you likely have similar thoughts to mine--thoughts of despair and thoughts of opportunity. To those fighting despair, I commit to you this: our problems were created by government, our problems are being exacerbated by government and with your help on November 2, we can send people to all levels of government to ensure that government simply gets out of the way. The promise of America still rings true. The foundation of American opportunity is still strong. If we bulldoze the failed architecture of government interference, we can build on that strong foundation of opportunity once again.

Together, we can ensure that good ideas and conservative principles prevail at all levels of government in the November election. Each day, someone will see me at an event and congratulate me on my August primary victory, and I am grateful. But I tell you from the bottom of my heart that we have nothing to celebrate today. I will celebrate when I can cast a vote in Congress to restore freedom. I will celebrate when I can cast a vote in Congress to pass the FairTax. I will celebrate when we seal our borders to protect our sovereignty and when we end the deficit spending that is mortgaging our futures. These are my causes for celebration, and I know that you will join me in that celebration when each of those goals is achieved.

To get to that point, I will continue to need your help. My next challenge is in the general election on November 2. I am blessed with a tireless team of friends and volunteers who are helping this campaign over that last hurdle, and if you are not participating already, I need your help too! So I'm going to end this email with three asks for help. We have less than 10 weeks until Election Day. In the coming week, I am asking you to:

Get 10 new people to subscribe to my email list

Invite 10 new friends to join my Facebook page

Donate $10 (or more) to the campaign

If you have not already, please join me on this journey. If you already have, I thank you and ask that you continue to walk with me. You and I can make a difference. I believe that we already have, and I believe that our best days are still to come.

Thank you for believing in me and for committing yourself to our shared vision of America's future.