Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

Issues: Immigration

As the father of four adopted children, two of which were international adoptions, I have firsthand experience in the immigration system. It was not an easy process but rightly so, because I believe it is a privilege to live in this great nation and for those willing to go through the legal steps necessary, the reward is great.

I firmly believe that we must secure the border. This was promised over two decades ago, and many times since, and though the time for action has long passed it does not preclude us from taking action now. Unsecured borders are crossed by those wishing to enter the United States illegally, and they offer a window of opportunity for those wishing to bring narcotics and other potentially dangerous items into our nation. An open border makes us vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

I will oppose any efforts to grant amnesty to illegals and firmly believe that we need to enforce our existing immigration laws.