Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

I have met a variety of Idahoans to learn more about their points of view on immigration. Some Idaho industries have conveyed the need for a practical guest worker program that allows the employment of foreign workers. Others in Idaho are concerned with the social and economic effects of illegal immigration on our communities.

My position on immigration is the following:

I do not support amnesty for those who have illegally entered the United States. I define amnesty as granting a person who is illegally in the United States a status or preference over a person who wishes to legally enter the country.

Our national borders must be secured before we can tackle any form of immigration reform. I have voted to place the National Guard on our southern national border and I still support that activity. After Idahoans are satisfied that the borders are secure, I would support a guest worker program that requires a guest worker to enroll in the program to secure any employment in the United States. I will only support a guest worker permit system that goes not grant the permit holder any advantage in pursuing permanent residency or citizenship.

It is clear that our immigration system needs to be fixed. I am committed to the enactment of sound immigration policy. I understand the urgency expressed by many to enact a federal response to address our nation's immigration and border security needs and I will continue to fight for immigration policy that is right for Idaho.