Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

* Fighting to secure our border and combat illegal immigration. I believe that the failure of our nation's immigration policy is both a national security issue and an economic issue.

* Committed to strengthening legal immigration, ensuring that we have a fair and effective process for those seeking to take part in the American Dream legally.

* Introduced an enforceable employee verification system that combats identity theft and avoids a "big brother' verification system.

It is abundantly clear that our immigration system is broken, and Congress efforts to reform our broken system have failed. I have supported past efforts to strengthen our immigration laws and demanded enforcement of them, opposing any proposals that include amnesty for those that have violated our laws. I believe we need to find solutions that preserve the rule of law and do not reward illegal behavior. Illegal immigration, which is a direct result of this flawed system, is an affront to the rule of law and an unacceptable security risk for all Americans.

Operational control of our borders should be among the highest priorities of Congress. Every nation has the right to control entry and exit across its border. Porous borders leave us susceptible to the illegal crossing of terrorists, drug lords, and gang members, placing our homeland security in serious jeopardy. Because of the importance of this issue, I have been a vocal proponent in calling upon Congress to make border fence construction a top priority, and will continue working toward enforcement of our nation's borders.

In order to allow employers to easily and accurately verify an employee's legal status in a timely matter, I have introduced H.R. 5515 - the New Employee Verification Act. This bipartisan proposal protects an employee's information from identity theft while creating a verification tool that is accurate, secure, and immediate. It provides enhanced employer penalties for those who knowingly violate our laws and avoids a "big brother" law enforcement agency building new databases on law abiding citizens.

While fighting illegal immigration, I have sought to fix legal immigration policy. People who are attempting to come to the country legally find that it takes years to process citizenship applications and requires endless paperwork and other requirements. I have supported legislation that would ease the incentives to violate our immigration laws, including the expansion of access to visas for seasonal and temporary labor. Allowing for a streamlined, safe, and efficient visa process will provide Wisconsin businesses with needed workers and relieve pressure on the borders.