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Nan Hayworth's Extremist Coalition Exposed: Good Americans, Worried About Their Nation

Press Release

Date: Oct. 1, 2010
Location: Carmel, NY
Issues: Guns

In the increasingly shrill communiqués coming from the John Hall campaign, we have the latest as to their views of what constitutes an extremist. It is any person or group who dares to be concerned about the course of our country or the preservation of Constitutionally protected liberties.

Here's the latest alarm from Hall campaign manager Patrick McGarrity, in a fund-raising email Thursday (9/30/10):

"I wanted to further update you on the growing array of right-wing entities pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Hudson Valley. Nan Hayworth's extremist coalition of Tea Party groups like the Tri-State Sons of Liberty (motto: Right-wing Extremism at its best) has been bolstered lately by the likes of Mitt Romney, the National Rifle Association, and Club for Growth."

Nan Hayworth is proud to have the support of all of those: the NRA, the Club for Growth, Mitt Romney and the Tri-State Sons of Liberty. All represent reasonable, responsible viewpoints that deserve a place in the public square of ideas.

"This truly is a historic election about the philosophy of governing," Hayworth said. "John Hall supports more government control over our lives, and I want a light hand for government. John Hall supports more government spending and more government programs, and I want less. John Hall wants higher taxes, and I want lower taxes. John Hall thinks responsible, law-abiding gun owners across the 19th are extremists, and I'm proud to call them my friends.

"John Hall thinks people who are concerned about our freedom today are crazy, but I share their concerns about the growth of government. John Hall wants the government to control our health care system, and I want doctors and patients to control it. Voters have a clear choice in November."

On issue after issue, said Hayworth, the differences are clear and stark. "Being worried about the state of our nation doesn't make someone an extremist," Hayworth said. "It's indeed an unfortunate day when honest political debate is reduced to shouts of extremism by the other side."